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Department Detail:  Highway

Department Highway
Department Head Chris Narveson
Address 2813 6th Street
P.O. Box 259
Monroe, Wisconsin  53566
Phone Number 608-328-9411
Fax Number 608-328-4153
Staff Highway Staff
Office Hours REGULAR HOURS: Monday - Friday (7:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.)
Services  COVID-19

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Highway department will be taking the necessary steps to protect the health and safety of our visitors and staff while doing our part to assist in minimizing the spread. 

Office is open to the public and a face mask is required to protect the health and safety of our visitors and staff while doing our part to assist in minimizing the spread.  Drop box is still available for permits and plans.

Responsible for maintaining approximately 122 miles of State Highway and approximately 279 miles of County Trunk Highway. 

Highway maintenance including snow plowing, salting, and sanding, putting up snow fence, road resurfacing, shoulder repair, drainage, sign repair, guard rails, and patching pavement. Right-of-way mintenance includes mowing, brush removal, tree cutting, and trash pick up.

Responsible for issuing driveway and utility permits.  Complete the appropriate application and forward with fee to the Highway Department. 

Contact the department for Driveway Entrance Permits.


For all information regarding IoH and Ag-CMV permitting, please visit:
Wisconsin Department of Transportation Agricultural Equipment and Vehicles page


If you are applying for an IoH of Ag-CMV permit to operate within Green County,

please follow the permit process steps below:

IoH or Ag CMV Permit Process

Axle Weight and Spacing Calculator

Once the applicant determines that they may be operating equipment over the gross

vehicle weight, single axle weight, axle grouping weight, or length limits of ACT 377

1.   Determine the route to apply for with assistance from county mapping:            
Interactive Act 377 Road Classification Mapping Application
Static Act 377 Road Classifications Map


Using any web browser:

A. Download the IoH or Ag-CMV no fee permit application from the Green County website:

No Fee Agriculture Permits

B. Using Microsoft Word, open the "Blank" permit application
C. Complete the permit application, re-name it for your own
     identification and save it to your computer
D. Attach the completed form to an email request and send to
     each local road Maintaining Authority

Local Road Maintaining Authorities Contact Information

       3. The Maintaining Authority receives permit application
           and responds by email or letter to the applicant within 21
           days, usually within 7 days

The Permit May Be -
A. Approved as applied for: Applicant is notified by email or
     letter and a copy of the permit must be made available in
     the permitted vehicle.
B. Amended:
           i. Weights Amended - By reducing the gross weight,
              specific axle weights, or axle grouping weight that
              was requested
          ii. Routes Amended - Overweight limits may be
              allowed on some roads, but not on other roads 
         iii. Other Amendments - Restricted trips per day, 
              restricted weeks of operation, restricted time of day
C. Denied: Application is denied and reason why is given.
     Applicant must comply with existing postings or comply
     with IoH weight limits.

Permit Operating Conditions                   

Parents Guide to Family Highway Safety 

Dougherty Creek Bridge Information
    Public Involvement Meeting Notice
    Public Meeting Access
    Comment Page



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